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At Vetere & Associates, we approach our clients and their businesses holistically, getting to know every aspect of the organization. We evaluate what’s working and what isn’t and make practical, sustainable recommendations based on those findings.

As their businesses grow and evolve, so does their personnel. From leadership to junior staffing roles, the skills required within these positions change as the organization changes. That may create a need for new job candidates to come on board or the need for recruiting a whole new team.

Vetere & Associates has developed a unique, proven process to assist our clients with locating the ideal candidate when the need arises. We apply a unique, down to earth, grass roots approach by taking a deep dive into how they operate and what the ideal candidate really looks like.

We don’t just move bodies in. We bring on a qualified leader and team member that has the skills and background to not only fulfill the job requirements but that’s culturally a good fit and aligns with the values of the organization. And then we take it a step further, asking:

  • How does bringing then on board tie into your growth strategy?
  • What is your timeline?
  • How do we establish a smooth onboarding process to allow for an effective transition?

In the job hiring process at Vetere & Associates, we screen, interview and hand select potential candidates that make sense to the organization. We view it as a business decision. And we don’t stop when the candidate is hired. A communication timeline is established to evaluate progress and address any setbacks, if applicable.

We’re often called upon to handle the myriad tasks that are an essential part of a developing business, but often get overlooked. Let us know how we can help provide the right candidate for your business.